May 08, 2007


I noted this article about Dell innovating in the cardboard box space. Seriously. Anyway, it looks like an interesting and good idea. The only reason I bring it up is because one of the Dell computers we recently ordered showed up at work today. This prompted a couple of comments:

#1: "That's a laptop??" -- the box was huge, and I think we all assumed it was a desktop tower with a big external monitor. Nope. In fairness, it did come with a docking station, stand, and bag. But there was still a *lot* of cardboard.

#2: "What? You don't read barcode?" says one of my co-workers as I tried to figure out what was what inside each of the boxes in the big box.

This might seem trite, but the initial user experience one gets with an Apple product is worlds away from what you see at Dell. Maybe the article above points to an initial attempt to improve this.