November 18, 2004

State of Web Services

Adam Bosworth posted a speech he gave recently. Bosworth quite nicely summarizes the state of the web (services) world, and points out how simple, yet "sloppy" (e.g. HTML) solutions have been successful. I think it is a must-read for anyone in the industry:

I would like to say that we are at a crossroads, but the truth is never so simple. The truth is that people use the tools that work for them. Just as for some programmers the right tool is PHP and for others the right tool is Java so it is true that for some programmers the right tool is RSS and for others it is WS-*. There is no clear “winner” here. What I am sure about is the volumes and the values. The value is in the information and its ability to be effortlessly aggregated, evaluated, filtered, and enhanced.

Update: Good follow-up conversation about Bosworth's post can be found at Sriram Krishnan's site.