September 06, 2004

Organization in the Way

Organization in the Way: How decentralization hobbles the user experience by Peter Merholz:

What we have seen is that small, multidisciplinary teams create the best products. These teams eschew departmental hand-offs and reviews. Instead, product managers, marketers, designers, engineers, and user advocates work closely on a single project. In order to succeed, itís essential that, in this collaborative mold, the different parties are no longer bound to their departmentsí distinct measures of success, but share a common goal.

I wonder how Merholz would apply these ideas to distributed content creation. Putting, for example, web publishing capabilities in the hands of many de-centralized units within a business is the goal of many Content Mgt projects. But, without strong central leadership, organizations often lose site of the goals and audience. So, how best to structure web content creation, especially given that this role is often an add-on in many organizations?